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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  September 13, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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ravens fans are still celebrating tonight, with visions of super bowls dancing in their heads. the purple and black beat back the kansas city chiefs in their opener to an optimistic, and of course raucous crowd at m and t stadium. the reports on the good moves before and after the game. >> reporter: federal hill after the win, it's hard to find anything but purple, and lofty predictions. >> joe flacco is experienced now, they're ready. >> reporter: i feel phenomenal.
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we did a fantastic job. the patriots have nothing on what the ravens are going to do this season. >> reporter: many people tonight, and earlier today, are predicting much bigger things for this team. nearly 80,000 fans tailgated and cheered for what they believe will be a decisive step forward from last year's unexpected playoff run. >> we're definitely number 1. we'll show them that. come february, i'll be there, miami, the super bowl, we'll see. >> reporter: it is a lofty prediction, but it is in this sport that fall springs eternal. you can't blame ravens fans. after all, the ravens made an improbable run last year to make the playoffs when most everyone said they're not a
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factor. >> we've got unfinished business. miami, get ready. because there's a lot of purple coming your way. it's all ours. call it a day because the ravens are coming! >> reporter: baltimore, brian kiebler, abc2 news. the final score was 38-24, but the game was still a tie with little more than 2:00 left. rob has more game highlights coming up. he will show you what the ravens have to say about their opener, a little later in sports extra. in other news tonight, an ellicott city man is lucky to be alive after his single engine plane crashed. he was towing an advertising banner, when the plane's engine lost power.
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it flipped onto it's back in shallow water. police said henry escaped serious injury. baltimore city police are investigating three sunday morning shootings. two were deadly. a man was found shot to death in the 2,000 block of mcculla street around 2:00 a.m. this morning. the victim is identified as 18- year-old israeli mason of baltimore. another man, andre williams was shot to death in craw street. another man was shot in the head just before noon in park heights. he's at shock trauma. police have no suspects in any of those shootings. virginia wants to extra daylight mohammed. prosecutors picked to allow for
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an expected clemency petition. his attorneys plan to appeal his conviction to the u.s. supreme court. many prosecutors say this is the year to toughen maryland's antigang law. top lawmakers will meet this week in a bid to draw up stricter laws. prosecutors say the current law makes it very difficult to legally define a gang or its members. harford county officials say they try to use the law when it went into effect two years ago, but a judge threw out all the charges. a gorgeous sunday. blue skies were the story. i think we're going to get more of that to kick off the workweeks. temperature wise, down to 63 right now at bwi. a little warmer than that downtown. maryland's most powerful radar crystal clear this evening. expecting it to stay that way another 48 hours or so. tonight, it's clear and mild. we'll talk about how long this
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terrific weather holds on in just a few. new developments tonight in the search for a missing yale student. a woman who was set to celebrate her marriage today. late tonight, police found a body inside of the wall in the building where anne le was last seen. >> located the remains of a human inside a wall at building number 10. >> 24-year-old le was last seen in this surveillance video, taken tuesday morning, as she was about to enter the medical lab where she worked. police have not confirmed the remains are annie le. has not been positively identified at this time, however, we are assuming that it is her.
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>> reporter: police and fbi agents have been scouring the area since le vanished. devastating news on the day le was supposed to celebrate her wedding. >> other hearts go out to the family of annie le, her fiance, and friends. they must now suffer the ordeal of waiting for the body to be positively identified. >> reporter: now the family waits to see if their worst fears are confirmed. the mayor of a illinois town said authorities found a variety of drugs belonging in a vehicle belonging to christopher kelly. he died in a hospital. police are investigating the death as a suicide. kelly was facing at least eight
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years in prison, after pleading guilty to fraud in two separate cases. he was expected to start serving time next friday. the white house and democratic allies try to shift -- saying it's one way of trying to achieve barack obama's goal of providing insurance to uninsured americans. >> this is not the whole of health insurance reform. we should not let the whole debate devolve into this one question. >> health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius says the president has made it clear that his healthcare goals do not include using public money to pay for abortions. they're actually is some good news about swine flu tonight. not the h1n1 virus itself, but
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the vaccine. health officials say americans could begin receiving the shots as early as the first week in october, which is earlier than expected. officials say the one shot dose will help contain the spread of the flu. maryland public schools are taking steps to get your kids healthy meals. they will use locally grown food in their lunches this week. cafeterias in all 24 school districts will serve fruits, vegetables, cheese, and meats from maryland. some schools will continue to use locally grown food throughout the school year. meteorologist everhart has your complete forecast on the way. plus, a cattle drive takes a wrong turn into a venges
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store. video you must -- convenience store. wait until you hear what disney has planned for you now. those stories and a lot more coming up right after this. for my audition to become the next happy california cow
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news for your better health tonight about medicine for the flu, we're talking about the regular flu, not the h1n1. researchers say the experimental drug works as well as tamiflu. the worldwide study followed hundreds of people with the deadly bird flu. have of them given the drug survived. 95% of those without the treatment died. blood donations are down. a lot of the blood is donated during workplace drives. when locals are laid off, there are fewer donors. the red cross says some places have had fewer blood drives, or called them out because of
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staffing issues. firefighters are battling a dozen new wildfires in central california. all of them caused by lightning. the license was captured -- lightning was captured on videotapes here. they're spread around the diablo mountain range. firefighters are trying to decide which of the fires to take priority here. in our area, we had beautiful skies. good football weather. >> yeah, good day today for the ravens, they seemed to have liked the weather out there too. man, i tell you, i think we get more of this good stuff for another day or two, then it heads back the other way. the rainy, dreary. >> yucky. >> we're sad to see that. anyhow, it will be back. don't worry, if you miss it, it will be back later this week. a couple more nice days to kick it off here. a gorgeous shot, downtown inner
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harbor. some people probably still out celebrating what was a great day for the ravens. 63 right now, bwi. humidity 81%. the humidity level, the moisture in the air, it's been dropping all afternoon. that air is actually bone dry, relatively speaking. showing you maryland's most powerful radar here. zooming out a bit. there's not much going on, i will zoom you in a little bit, that eastern shore, swath of green, that's basically, a false return there on the radar. clear air mode sometimes, you pick up ground strictures on the ray -- structures on the radar. no rain out there right now, that's for sure. expecting the radar to stay nice and clear for monday. i think tuesday, we'll see more cloud cover. it will stay dry, and i think as we go into wednesday, we're going to see the temperatures drop. a chance for rain comes back, and it might be dreary toward the end of the week. 80degrees under blue skies in
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baltimore. 83 in ocean city. 84 toward hagerstown. temperatures this evening have cooled off, i think we're dropping down to 60 or so in the city. outer suburbs may found upper 50s by daybreak tomorrow. overall, just cool and dry. absolutely nothing showing up on the satellite pictures either. you can see there's no rain out there. just a few fair weather clouds drifting up through northern delaware. you really have to look to find much whether in our area. right now to the west and southwest, you can see a very active weather system pumping in not just heavy rain toward texas, but a lot of rain to the deep south. there is a cool front building up across the canadian border, that's going to drop down, and pick up a little bit of steam as a weather system later in the week. wednesday, a chance for showers. two nice days to kick off the week, so more of that good
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stuff we had today. clear in the night. in the day on monday. seeing maybe a few puffy fair weather clouds drift in in the afternoon, but i think most of us will stay in the sunshine most of the day on monday. as we go into tuesday, things start to change up a little bit. more cloud cover around. i think the cooler air in pennsylvania will sink southward and bring with it the chance of showers. the forecast tomorrow, low tide. 10:21a.m. still nice days to get in some boating here in september. overnight, down to 60 or so. clear or mild, just a little breezy overnight. some spots will be down in the upper 50s by daybreak. monday, look at this gorgeous blue sky. 84, sunny skies, dry weather on tap. let's take a look at the seven- day forecast. you will see that change i was describing. monday, and tuesday, more clouds. still a dry and sunny day.
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the temperature drops wednesday. courtesy of our next cool front. it brings it a chance of showers. we keep working on that weekend forecast for you. everyone is back to school or work, and gas prices are dropping. the current prices are $1.09 cheaper than they were this time last year. mid-atlantic aaa says labor day typically signals a drop in gas prices, because driving drops off. down two cent as gallon from last week, and lower than that at many gas stations. aaa expects prices to hover around $2.50 a gallon for the next few weeks. there are big changes in the way at walt disney world in florida. executives plan the largest expansion the park has ever seen. the developer will nearly
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double the size of fantasyland. the overhaul should be complete by 2013. disney won't say how much it will spend on the project. analysts predict it will reignite travel to orlando, which has suffered greatly in the global recession. look at this. a funny thing happened for a heard of cattle headed to the fair in washington state. the fair also begins with the rodeo, and cattle drive through the streets. this year, they decided to go shopping, probably for a big gulp. cowboys could wrangle them back and the street. nobody was hurt, but the cattle did knock over quite a few shelves. where would you like to vacation if you lived in warm south florida and you're a manatee? how about massachusetts? that's where one way worth manatee turned up this weekend to the delight of nature lovers. this is the second one to show
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up in the town of dennis this year. it appears to be in very good health. a manatee also showed up here earlier. up next for us, it was supposed to be the happiest day of his life until the groom died in a car crash on the way to the wedding. the full story, when we come back. ( laughing ) hey chuckles,
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a tragic story out of raleigh, north carolina today. christopher rainer was headed to breakfast on his wedding day, when he died in a crash. >> reporter: inside this house of worship, chris rainer wanted to make karen taylor his wife. >> i've never in my whole life ever encountered this. >> reporter: the father scheduled to perform the
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service. >> this was one of the nicest couples i've ever known, definitely meant for each other. >> reporter: friends and family were arriving at the church, when they got the news. >> guests had no idea what happened, so it was my unhappy duty to tell people, i'm sorry, but the groom has been killed. >> reporter: chris rainer was riding in the backseat of his best man's car. another vehicle ran a red light, and hit the vehicle chris was in. he was hit and killed by a third car. andrew bowman was the groomsman. >> i know my life is better because of him. >> reporter: he says rainer was a devout christian who loved friends, family, and the bride to be. >> i'm happy that a lot of people are going to see that karen is going to flourish from the situation.
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a lot of people are going to see that. we're going to come together, and help out chris's family. we're going to help out karen's family. >> reporter: inside those walls, those who had been gathering for the wedding, instead stayed for a memorial. where karen taylor spoke about the man she loved. >> she was very gallant and brave. and said by realized this had strengthened her, and that she will always love him. >> what a sad story. rainer's fiance says she will be focused on how much her fiance changed lives for the better, including her own. an accident happened when a construction platform collapsed inside the shaft in a 118 floor skyscraper under construction. scents have been on the decline -- accidents have been on the decline in hong kong, even so,
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workers are killed every year, and falls are a major cause of deaths. two trains crashed on a single track section in germany. investigators are not sure what caused the crash which took place on the 125th anniversary of the track. a group of top french chefs launched a high flying dining experience on friday. picky eaters can enjoy great eats. 12 chefs performing food for the dinner in the sky experience. they sit at the platform above the galleries, the event will raise money for medical research. he had his on television show. starred in a ton of blockbuster movies, and now charles dutten is throwing his sport behind the local minority business community, that will star in a one man production titled from
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jail to yale. the baltimore native is this week's guest on "2 the point." he told terry owens why was this a cause he wanted to support. >> if i didn't have any help with scholarships or someone simply interested in me, that that could see i could take the next step with help and assistance, then i wouldn't be sitting here. i just want to be able to give back in that form. >> reporter: proceeds from the event benefit the center for business inclusion and the top 100 mbe awards program. you can see the interview right after the news. abc2 news in about one hour. a check on your forecast, coming right up. you're looking at a beautiful picture of the harbor. now you're going to be looking at the temperature at bwi thurgood marshall. hi everyone. my name is lisa,
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a 114 new hampshire woman is believed to be the oldest woman in america. but baltimore's agnes smith isn't far behind her. she celebrated her 105th birthday today in owings mills. she moved with her family to baltimore when she was just a child.
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known as auntie ag to her family. she is deacon at a church and says her beauty secret is using vaseline petroleum jelly. the. >> we need to -- we need to use a little bit of that. >> she looks fantastic. moving on here. nice sunshine to start off the week. rob is dying over there. we're going to leave the vaseline behind. we're going to need cool and rainy weather. >> rob is so excited about the ravens. >> it's all about the sports. >> he'll have that coming up. sports with rob carlin starts right now. ♪ [ music ] yep, all about the sports. that's what i'm laughing about. it was a typical ravens win today.
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